Branding And Signage Solutions

Signage is the use or design of symbols and signs to convey a specific message to an audience. Signage is usually designed to communicate a business’s services, products, or ideas to its potential customers. A simple example would be a hotel has a sign on the front door to let the people to enter and another sign to close the hotel door when they are done. Signage design also involves the use of graphics and images to attract customers. They may also be used to convey a political or social message.

To create effective signage, it should always be made on a creative and unique perspective to make it appealing. It is important that the signage and logos design convey the right message and do so in an effective way. Signage has a big role to play in building brand awareness. It helps in creating an identity for a brand and unifying the customer base. Signage has three main aspects which include: internal/external branding, communication, and attraction.

Internal Branding: The identity of your brand is conveyed from the signage and logos you create for your business. The signage and signs should reflect the personality of your company and convey your unique essence. Signage architecture includes a combination of text, color, and graphics to give an overall look. Signages can incorporate metal cutout signs to make the overall outlook more attractive. Metal cutout signs are inexpensive and can be easily customized to suit different signboards and sign styles.

External Branding: It is very important that the external branding signage gives clear visibility to the business, its products or services, and promotes the brand. The signage should be noticeable at all locations. This is achieved through effective way-finding. Way-finding is an important aspect that helps in identifying the location.

Signage Architecture: Signage architecture is the blend between the signage and the architectural aspects. The visual elements such as signs, designs, and words must harmonize to promote a coherent and consistent brand values. It is an essential part of the overall visual design of a sign. Signage architecture helps in effective way-finding. Some of the architectural elements include:

Foam Core Signs: Foamcore signs are made from the polystyrene foam core to provide a durable, lightweight, resilient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. There are many advantages of using foam core signage. Signage foam core allows for a highly customize fit, easy installation, easy removal, excellent dust resistance, and an elegant appearance. These benefits make it a highly preferred choice for construction site signage. The foamcore signs are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes to meet the requirements of any given project. For more details on this