What you see is what you get

Business Today has provided the opportunity for students to connect with one another through their events to share current events with others. They have also been instrumental in helping students build strong connections among themselves and with other colleges and universities.


The publication has also helped students become more aware of local news and current events in the area. Students can read articles and view photos of local events and developments so they can better relate to the events happening around them.


Business Today magazine has been around for over 30 years and has remained a staple publication for students throughout the country. A student-run, non-profit organization, Business Today has been a staple publication of college students since its inception. Started in 1968 as an independent magazine, this organization has expanded to now include educational conference and seminar programming as well as networking events.


Business Today Magazine was starting to provide information about current events on campus to help students in their studies. Since its inception, this publication has made itself a major player in the college scene in the United States. The publication has also provided a platform for community leaders and educators to share their ideas and work with others in the local area. Through the years, Business Today has continually held events in cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Washington DC, Atlanta and more.


As a non-profit publication, Business Today has worked closely with colleges to help create a positive impact on the lives of students, teachers, professors and university administrators. As well as providing a venue for interaction between students and community members, the publication also helps the university to maintain a consistent academic standard. This publication is one of the largest publications for colleges in the United States.


Over the past several years, many people have taken notice of Business Today and their events. Students and faculty alike have been impressed with the level of professionalism exhibited by the publication. Many of the events are hosted by renowned speakers who use their appearances to share their views and inspire those who will listen.


The magazine provides a forum for researchers to share their new ideas and discoveries with all students. Students can also learn new ways to make their professors look good by using the information contained within the magazine.


Business Today has helped to make the lives of hundreds of college students much easier and successful. Their events have been a source of inspiration and guidance for students who may be struggling or have problems that have been keeping them from achieving their academic goals.

Business Today provides students with a forum for sharing local events in their communities. Students are able to read and view interesting and enlightening pieces of the local community from the vantage point of a unique perspective.